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425 Park Avenue


425 Park Avenue overview

425 Park Avenue is the first full-block office development on Manhattan’s Park Avenue in nearly 50 years.

Located in the heart of the Plaza District, the epicenter of Manhattan’s office market, 425 Park Avenue, developed by L&L Holding Company and designed by Lord Norman Foster, brings features wholly unique to Manhattan office space, and defines the 21st-Century office building. With approximately 670,000 rentable square feet, finished ceiling heights of 9.5’, 14.5’ and 41’ featuring floor-to-ceiling glass, The Diagrid Club floor with collaborative space, outdoor terraces, and views of Central Park, 425 Park Avenue is a bespoke office building that serves as the standard bearer for the
workplace of the future.

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For leasing information, please contact:

Jonathan Tootell

(212) 920-3388

Tanya Grimaldo

(646) 341-9838

Giannina Brancato

(212) 201-4087